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From: Jason Newbell
Subject: “Cole”This story contains descriptions of sexual acts between a boy of eighteen
years and a boy of twelve years. If you do not wish to view, are not of
proper age, or it is illegal in you area of jurisdiction, please leave
now. If not enjoy!This is the second story I am publishing Bbs Lolita on the Nifty Archives. My other
story was the “Danny and Michael” series under “Young Friends.” I got a lot
of positive responses for that, so if you enjoy that type of story, I
definetly suggest checking them out. They have a lot of “action,” as will
this story, just give it time. The first two chapters are setup chapters
and you’ll meet Cole early in the third so don’t despair! Hope you’ll stick
with it, because it gets very good and I am thrilled with the way it is
turned out (about 80% complete).Since a majority of the story is complete, look for new chapters to be
released once every three to seven days. The chapters will get larger and
larger, and there will be seven or eight in total. For example, these two
chapters took a combined 8 pages total in Word… chapters 3 & 4 took 20
pages, while 5 & 6 took 28 (and counting!).I should mention that this is an original work by myself and you CANNOT
copy or use any part of this story without my permission.If you like the story, please send me an e-mail at: jnew001(at)gmail.com
Feedback is what keeps me going! Enjoy!Chapter One
I took a deep breath, enjoying the warm summer air. It was early September
and the temperatures would soon fade to the bitter cold of winter. The
campus quad bustled with the enthusiastic chatter of new and returning
students, recalling their summers and discussing the term that was to come.”Jason, come on,” Max called.”Sorry,” I said, realizing that I had been daydreaming. My journey to State
University was on faith. I applied and was accepted without ever once
visiting the campus. Nearly half a continent away from my home, I knew that
I would be happy once I settled in. Their engineering program was second to
none and the reason I attended in the first place.Max was my roommate and a cool guy. We met each other yesterday when I flew
in and settled into my dorm. He had already been there for a few days and
welcomed me warmly. Thanks to the school’s roommate matching system, we
shared a lot of similar interests and got along well. We were both night
owls and enrolled in the College of Engineering. I could tell that we would
become good friends and felt lucky I had made a connection so quickly.Unlike most of my peers, I had gone to a school across the country where no
one else in my graduating class attended. Most stayed in state and had
contact with their pools of friends. Not me however. My shy nature also
tended to hinder my ability to make friends quickly, although I always
gradually accumulated a healthy stable of buddies. Luckily Max knew a small
group of people here and they immediately included me in their group.”Wow,” I said, glancing at the booths for all the clubs. It was “Bobcat
Club Fair Day” in the quad, when nearly every single organization on campus
set up a station in the hopes of attracting new members.”Yeah, pretty intense,” Max laughed, scanning the crowd. “Dunno if I want
to join anything.”"It’s so busy, almost to the point where I don’t want to even try,” Samuel,
Max’s friend said.”Totally,” I agreed, a bit overwhelmed by the noise and sheer volume of
people. The college had an attendance of around fifteen thousand students,
a stark contrast to my high school, which topped in at about five hundred.We wandered up to the “RecSports” booth and were immediately hounded by a
representative, encouraging us to get involved with the various intramural
sports opportunities on campus. He began his pitch to be a “RecSports
Ambassador,” which basically consisted of convincing people to sign up for
the various activities. Samuel was expressing the most interest, so the
representative spent most his energy talking in his direction.I wasn’t very interested in this particular club, so I started to look
around. A booth called “Bobcat Buddies” caught my eye. It looked similar to
the “Big Brother” program seen in many cities around the country. I was an
only child and always longed for a little brother or sister. My Bbs Lolita parents
were content with just me though. I was always buddies with my friend’s
siblings, especially the boys. In fact, I kept some friends only because I
liked their brother so much.”I’m going to go look around,” I yelled to Max.”Aight man,” he said back. “Call me when you’re done and we can meet
outside this mess.”"Okay,” I said, nodding my head and wandering off. I walked around a little
bit to get myself lost in the crowd before approaching the Bobcat Buddies
booth. I was a little self-conscious about being interested in the
club… I mean what normal college student wants to hang out with a kid?”Hello,” a middle aged woman said to me. “Interested in the Bobcat Buddies
program?”"I’m not sure,” I said, glancing at the various displays before looking up
and flashing her a smile.”Well, look around and feel free to ask questions,” she said.I nodded and turned my attention to the cardboard display. It Bbs Lolita was littered
with facts and pictures concerning the club. Basically you had to commit
six hours a week to a child in need… two hours three times per week was a
common routine. The club would pay for activities involving the child, like
movies, swimming, mini-golf, and compensation for any other costs. Their
main pitch was that it counted as community service and would look awesome
on a resume. While those were all nice perks, I wanted to join so I could
have that little brother I always wanted. Someone to hang out with, give
advice, play with, and help with homework. Someone who would look up to
me. Someone who I would care for and give my unconditional love. I know
that was asking a lot, maybe I would get a little brat, but it was worth
the risk.”Looks fun,” I said, looking at the woman and giving her a grin.”It is a big commitment but very rewarding,” she said, handing me a packet
full of information.”I’m up for it,” I replied.”Do you have any experience with kids? Any younger siblings?”"No siblings,” I said. “I’m an only child, but I was like a brother to a
lot of my friend’s siblings.”"Terrific,” she said smiling. “The great part about the Bobcat Buddies
program is that you don’t need any experience. These kids just need a
friend, someone to take them to a movie, be nice to them, cheer them up,
you know?”"Yup,” I nodded. “Sounds good.”"What your name again?” she asked.”Jason,” I said, extending my hand.”Nice to meet you Jason,” she said, shaking it. “I’m Rose Murray, director
of the Bobcat Buddies program.”"Pleased to meet you Ms. Murray,” I said.”Rose is fine,” she said smiling. She was a very warm lady and I felt
comfortable Bbs Lolita
in her presence. Normally I was a bit more apprehensive when
meeting new people.She rummaged around under the booth table and found a clipboard with a
sheet of paper attached.”I need you to fill this out,” she instructed, handing me the
clipboard. “Just some information on yourself and the type of buddy you
would like to have. We’ll have to run a background check but if you’ll come
see me tomorrow we could have a match for you.”"Cool,” I said, starting to fill out the form. It was your basic
information, name, date of birth, student ID number, etc.”Any questions?” Rose asked, glancing over my shoulder as I filled out the
form.”How long has this program been at State?” I asked, still filling out the
more mindless section of the form.”This is our third year,” she replied. “Our first year we were very small
and only had about three students as buddies. Last year we grew to twenty
and this year we hope to sign up even more.”"How many kids are looking for a buddy?” I asked.”Right now we have about fifty kids from our area in need of a Bobcat
Buddy,” she said. “So if you know anyone who would be interested, Bbs Lolita make sure
to tell them.”"Will do,” I said, glancing up briefly to smile at her.Finally done with the basic information, I entered the part of the form
that allowed Bbs Lolita me to pick what type of child I wanted to help out.Sex? I picked male. I would be more comfortable with them since, well, I
was one.Age? I checked the box that said “Ages 8-14″. This age would be the easiest
to deal with. No need to get a bratty little boy or a moody teenager.Finally completing the form, I took it off the clipboard and handed it to
Rose.”Thanks,” she said. “Can you come in tomorrow to our office?”"Sure,” I said. “Where are you guys?”"We’re in Miller Hall, room 104A,” she said. “Can you come in around 11:00
or so?”"I think so,” I said, trying to recall my schedule. “I think I have class
until 11 and then again at noon.”"Well I’ll try to be quick so you can eat lunch,” Rose replied. “We may be
able to have a buddy for you by then.”"Alright,” I said, smiling. “See you then.”"Nice to meet you Jason,” she said.”Good to meet you too,” I replied. “Good luck this afternoon.”"Thanks,” she smiled.I walked away in a cloud of happiness. I couldn’t wait to make an impact in
a child’s life. I hoped I could become a friend and role model Bbs Lolita to them. I
continued to wander around and check out some of the booths but I wasn’t
really interested in them. Bobcat Buddies is what occupied my mind. Finally
I called Max and we agreed to meet for an early dinner. Apparently Samuel
got suckered into being a “RecSports Ambassador” so Max and Bbs Lolita
I had a good
laugh at that. He asked me if I saw anything I liked.”Not really,” I replied. I was still slightly embarrassed for signing up
for the program. I don’t know why either. Being a brother to one Bbs Lolita of these
children was an admirable gesture. I guess it just didn’t fit the image of
the typical college student. The one whose solitary mission was to party
and get laid.I guess I wasn’t your typical college student.Chapter Two
————My first college class was over and I headed towards Miller Hall to meet up
with Rose. I was shocked at the size of the class; over two hundred
students were enrolled. It was a beginning Astronomy course and appeared to
be an easy boost to the GPA. “Stars for `Tards” as I overhead one student
call it. I enjoyed the subject however, so it would be a good way to start
the day three times per week.Glancing once more at the map that the college provided us, I was able to
locate Miller Hall and step inside. You could tell who the freshmen on
campus were because they either had their nose inside the map or their
schedule. I wandered down the hall and found room 104A. A banner above the
door read “Bobcat Buddies” and had a picture of a big bobcat cuddling with
a small bobcat. `How adorable,’ I thought, somewhat sarcastically.”Hello, can I help you?” a receptionist asked.”Yeah, hi,” I responded. “I’m here to see Rose, I signed up for the program
yesterday.”"Oh yes, go right in,” the receptionist smiled, pointing to an office.”Thanks,” I said, walking into the open office. It was flooded with light
and well decorated.”Hello Jason,” Rose said smiling, looking up from her work.”Hey,” I grinned.”This is the busy time of year,” she sighed, throwing a pile of papers into
another stack. “But also the most rewarding. Go ahead and have a seat.”"Alright,” I said, pulling up a chair to her desk and sitting down.She ruffled through a stack of papers and found my file.”How is your day so far?” she asked, opening the folder and trying to find
the appropriate pieces of information.”Good,” I said. “Had a lot of people in my first class though.”"Yes, very typical for freshmen I’m afraid.”"So how many people did you get to sign up yesterday?” I asked, curious.”About a dozen or so,” Rose said. “But we’ll have some more learn about us
and sign up soon.”"Hopefully,” I said, thinking of all the kids without a buddy.”Okay Jason,” Rose said, handing me a form. “You’re all checked out, your
background is clean, you are who you say you are, you’re in good health,
and all that jazz. This form basically states that you accept full
responsibility of the child when you are his buddy, and can’t hold the
University responsible for anything. If you’ll sign at Bbs Lolita the bottom…”I signed my signature.”That all?”"Just about,” Rose said. “Now, we have a running tab at the local theater
and various other businesses in the city. Just tell them you’re from Bobcat
Buddies and show them this card when you have to pay.”She handed me an official looking plastic “Official Bobcat Buddy” card.”Sign on the back,” she said, handing me a marker.I carefully signed the card.”So I don’t have to pay anything?”"Nope,” she replied. “All the participating businesses are located in that
packet I gave you yesterday. If you want to do an activity outside of those
provided, just ask me and if reasonable I’ll give you permission.”"Awesome,” I replied.”You don’t always have to do an activity either. Sometimes you can just
hang out and talk, whatever. Depends on the child.”"Of course,” I said, eager to find out who my buddy was. “Did you find a
match?”"We did in fact,” she said, loading a program on her computer and clicking
some buttons. All of a sudden a profile came Bbs Lolita up with a cute looking boy of
about twelve years. She turned the monitor towards me so that I could see
better.”Cole?” I asked, reading his name from the screen.”Yes, Cole Mason. Lives here in town. He’s twelve years old and just
entered the seventh grade at Parkview Middle School. His dad just died last
year and his family moved late in the school year last year. He doesn’t
really have any friends and his mom works extremely hard full time. He’s an
only child and spends a lot of time at home alone.”"Poor guy,” I said, staring at his picture. He sure was cute. Blonde hair,
green eyes, and a smile that could melt steel.”He’s pretty lonely,” she sighed. “He and his mom are really looking
forward to this buddy program though. They’ll be excited to meet you. You
almost look like brothers too.”That was true. I had blonde hair and blue eyes. It would be like the
brother I never had.”Sounds awesome,” I smiled. “Does he have any special needs?”"Nope,” Rose replied. “He’s a very bright kid but is just a little bit shy
so he finds it difficult to make friends.”"I know that feeling,” I said.”You two will have a lot in common,” Rose smiled. “Let me call his mom and
see if she’s Bbs Lolita
okay with you doing something with him today? I see that
you’re out of class at two o’clock. Would you be interested in doing
something after that?”"Sure,” I said, eager to see the cutie as soon as possible.”Great,” she Bbs Lolita said, picking up the phone and dialing one of the Bbs Lolita phone
numbers on Cole’s page.”Hello? Is Ms. Mason around? Yes, thank you. Hey, Samantha. It’s Rose, from
Bobcat Buddies at State. Yes. Good, How are you? We have a buddy lined up
for Cole, his name is Jason. Uh huh. He’s a great kid and I know they’ll
get along great. Yes. Would it be okay if he and Jason did something today?
A movie perhaps? Alright, I’ll tell him that. Sounds great. Nice to talk to
you Samantha. Alright, buh bye.”"So?” I grinned.”She agrees. I told her you’d pick Jason up at his house after school and
take him to a movie. Once you get back she wants you to hang around until
she gets home so she can meet you. Is that okay?”"Sounds perfect,” I said. “When will she be getting home?”"Around six or so. He’ll be home around three, so if you could do an extra
hour today it would be great.”"No problem. Six hours is only the minimum right?”"That’s the spirit Jason,” Rose said, her printer starting to whir in the
background. “I’m printing up some basic info on Cole, his like and
dislikes, favorite games, stuff like that. It’ll help you connect quicker
with him.”"Alright,” I said. I was very anxious to meet him.She handed me the freshly printed papers with a smile.”His address is on there. It’s only about a fifteen minute walk if you
don’t have a car. He’ll get home around three o’clock, like I
said. Normally he just sits at home alone so he’ll be anxious to get out.”"Can’t wait,” I said, standing up.”Thanks again Jason,” Rose said, standing up and extending her hand. “If
only more students were like you.”"Thanks,” I blushed, shaking her hand.I walked out of her office and into the daylight in a state of
euphoria. While slightly confused on why I was so eager to be a brother
figure to a younger boy, I really didn’t give it much thought. My long
awaited sibling was finally here.Curious, I glanced down at the information sheet Rose had given me.- Name: Cole Mason - Birthday: February 12th - Age: 12 - Favorite Food:
pizza! - Least Favorite Food: cauliflower - Favorite Activities: soccer,
basketball, computer - Favorite TV Shows: Spongebob, Simpsons, Suite Life -
Words to Describe Me: shy, playful, curious, and Bbs Lolita sincere - Something My
Bobcat Buddy Should Know: I like getting my back rubbed - My greatest fear:
losing my momThat was it. Not a lot of information but enough to get a general sense of
what Cole was about. I just wanted to reach out and hug him right now. The
fact that his father died and he was scared his mother would leave him too
was heartbreaking. That’d be difficult for any kid to have to live with.I was expecting some trouble making ADD kid from a trailer park… instead
I got an adorable only child that was like me in a lot of ways.I had finally found the brother I always wanted.—
Want to meet Cole? Look for the third chapter shortly, as things are bound
to “heat up!”If you like the story, please send me an e-mail at: jnew001(at)gmail.com
Comments, suggestions, questions are welcome!
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